With a heat advisory for parts of East Texas, a family in Mineola is being forced to live in the heat. Their AC stopped working, and despite having a warranty, there's no sign of relief in sight.

Sherry Lewis wishes she would've read the fine print in her Landmark Home Warranty plan sooner. She and her daughter Eraina Coakley are on day eight without AC.

Looking at Landmark's policy, they'll come out and fix your unit immediately, if it's an emergency, and if the failure results in, "complete loss of heat or AC in extreme temperatures."

The company defines an extreme temperature as 90 degrees inside the home "for an extended period of time," the length of which is not explained.

Confined to the living room, with the ceiling fan constantly running on high, Coakley said it took several days just for a contractor to come out and take a look.

She has allergy related asthma, and the heat makes her feel like she's suffocating

"I feel like someone's sitting on my chest. I start to hyperventilate," she said. "I can't get air. I just try to sit under the fan and not panic."

Terry Miller, owner of Miller Homes Group in Tyler, said every home warranty company has guidelines. Still, he said everyone's situation should be evaluated.

"We are under a heat advisory. It's very serious, whether you have asthma, a health issues or not," Miller said.

He said everyone must read the fine print in their home warranty policies, especially if there's a catastrophic failure after normal business hours, or if you can solve the problem quicker.

"Find one that says, 'We can't solve your problem today, but if you can get it solved, we'll pay the bill," Miller said.

Keeping fans near their beds, and fully stocked on ice, Coakley and Lewis pray they'll get the help they need.

"This heat is dangerous and people are dying from it, and I don't want to be one of them," Lewis said.

CBS19 reached out to Landmark Home Warranty for a statement, but they did not respond.

For Landmark customers waiting on repairs, they put ways to stay cool on their website, including staying on the lowest level of your home and keeping the blinds closed.