One can say Casey Carter is a different man compared to who he was back in May of 2017. To Carter, addiction can infiltrate and ruin multiple lives and livelihoods. He used to abuse alcohol and prescription pills. It was a moment in his life he described as 'rock bottom'.

"To have this amount of time - sobriety [eight months] - it feels great," Carter said.

Now he want to help those who are striving to live a better life. Battling the vices of addiction is an on-going journey and to Carter, it is not easy. That's why Tim Wiseman, who leads the House of Disciples, hoped people would participate in their first ever public bike trail event, 'Ride for Recovery'. One can ride 50, 25 or 12 miles. 12 miles, Wiseman said, represents the 12 steps to recovery.

Wiseman said people who are in the middle of recovery showcase a positive attitude during the exercise portion. While the goal is to live a healthy life, at the same time, it's riding with others who are on the same path to sobriety.

"They finally won't hit these deep moments of depression," Wiseman said.

While taking the steps to live a better life is a slow process, the House of Disciples' goal is to collect more than 50 bicycles. Hopefully others can join them, which would serve as an 'extra push' to achieve their goals.