Some of the biggest fans of Elvis "The King" Presley are in East Texas. Some of them can be found at the Westminster Buckner retirement home. Take Gwen Wells for example, she was in college was Elvis was at the peak of his career.

"I saw Elvis in a boxing arena in 1955," Wells said. "I remember him singing 'blue suede shoes'. We spent a lot of money on those tickets."

Before Presley became a world icon, he would perform in cities like Tyler and Kilgore. Presley once auditioned his music at a radio station in Gladewater. Marjorie Dome and her husband were in the radio business at the time while he was there. She described Presley to be a shy person.

"As he once said, he was so nervous. That's why he wiggled so much," Dome chuckled.

Dome said East Texas was the beginning of his blossoming career. She said she didn't think his music would be that much of a big deal. He appeared to be a nice guy at the time who wanted to audition his music. It's been 40 years since Presley passed away, but it's certain his music lives on forever.