Millions of pounds of candy are purchased each year for Halloween. Across America that's over $2 billion dollars spent!

It makes you wonder how much candy is too much?

A local doctor said it's okay as a treat around the holidays but in moderation. She recommended just a couple of pieces a day.

If you're worried about all the Halloween candy in the house she says you should monitor young children's intake and it would be better to dole it out to them, especially with the high levels of sugar and calories.

Our calorie meter shows a 3 Musketeers has 65 calories, Sour Patch Kids at 75 calories, Twix at 80 calories, and you can't forget about the Reese's at 108 calories.

One mom told us candy is a free for all on Halloween, but afterwards, she lays down the law. Only a few pieces a day.

Her daughter says that's only because her mom wants to eat it all herself!