If you've seen The Grinch, whether it be the original 1966 television special or the 2000 remake with Jim Carry, you've invited the iconic character into your home, now it's his turn.

The Texas Jailhouse, better known as the Anderson County Jail has transformed into the Grinch's Lair.

Now, through Saturday, December 23 you can explore the many rooms in the Grinch's lair, enjoy hot cocoa and see Max the dog.

"You'll have the Grinch's cooking show, the wardrobe room, blockbuster room. Then we'll move into the Grinch's bathroom where he might just offer you a cake," said owner and Grinch himself, Jeremy Janz

Let the Grinch and the many 'who' people show you around the lair, and enjoy a unique holiday event right here in East Texas.