Hundreds gathered Tuesday morning at Rock Hill Baptist Church in Brownsboro to honor the life of Pastor Trevor Morris, the passenger in the deadly plane crash that happened Thursday, July 13.

“We’re here to remember a life well lived, to remember the life of Trevor Morris," said Eric Johnson, a member of the Union Hill Baptist Church. "It’s evident by the outpouring of love that they have felt from you, with your presence here, that Trevor made an impact on a lot of lives.”

Many shared their favorite memories of Pastor Morris and the qualities they will miss the most.

“What drew me to him was the passion that he had. It came out in every sermon that he preached and everything that he did,” said Preston Burton, a family friend.

Morris not only impacted the lives of family and friends, but the lives of his community. He was the Pastor at Union Hill Baptist Church in Brownsboro, where members of his congregation say they will remember him as a man of God.

“He always spoke the truth. He cared so much about his people and he just wanted everyone to find salvation,” said Brenda Lemen, also a member of the Union Hill Baptist Church.

A man so dedicated to his faith, he drove across the state Wednesday night to serve his congregation, not knowing that trip would be his last.

“Trevor came back Wednesday because he had an appointment on Thursday," said Johnson.