It may feel like one is stuck to a wall outlet, having to fully charge an iPhone. It won't be an hour, unplugged, and the phone still winds itself back to 30%. If one has recently updated their phone, chances are it's the iOS 11. The iOS, otherwise known as the iPhone Operating System is the software allowing users to work with the phone.

The recent update showcased the new apple phone features such as: the apps dock, updated control center and improved maps. This time, Apple consumers have expressed their dislike toward the new look. According to a security research firm, the 11-update took an hour and 36 completely drain a phone. Whereas the iOS 10 took only four hours. There are features one's phone has turned on a person may not be aware of.

Location Settings:

Location services can be a battery-killer. Go to settings. Tap on the 'privacy tab'. Next, tap on location services. From there one can pick what apps don't need to pin-point a person's location.

Then there's the glitch that has users in an uproar. When ever the letter "i" is typed, it's auto corrected to the letter "a" with a symbol next to it. Apple suggested using text replacement for the time being.

The iGlitch:

Go to settings. Click and 'general' then tap on keyboard and text replacement. Click on the plus sign in the top right corner. Where it says 'phrase', type an upper case "i" and next to shortcut, type a lower case "i". Tap 'save' to the right.

Until Apple provides the next update. That's what users would have to work with. The iOS 11 update wouldn't support older models such as the iPhone 5, 5c or any 4's. Those models would be stuck with the iOS 9.