The rumors of Brookshire's being on sale to the highest bidder started years ago, according to locals.

This is false.

A rumor claiming H-E-B, a San-Antonio-based grocery store buying out the Tyler-based grocer is not happening.

In a statement to CBS19, H-E-B spokesperson Mabrie Jackson said the company is not purchasing Brookshire's.

“H-E-B appreciates the enthusiasm of our customers across Texas, however, I can confirm we are not seeking to purchase another grocer at this time.”

Brookshire's spokesperson, Ellen Reynolds, said she had not heard about the rumor.

She sent CBS19 a statement:

“Thanks to the loyal support of our customers and communities, Brookshire's will be celebrating our 90th anniversary later this year. Our Company is not for sale.”

There are no other grocery store chains coming to East Texas at this time.