After a norovirus outbreak at the Winter Olympics in South Korea, East Texans are talking on social media, worried about the virus being in the area.

CBS19 spoke with Dr. Richard Wallace, an infectious disease specialist at UT Health Northeast, who said it's not a threat in the area.

"It would appear the Norovirus is no more active this year, than it was last year," he said.

While the area is not immune to it, he said the bigger threat is with enteroviruses. They're going to give you flu-like symptoms, like a cough, fever and runny nose.

As for preventing it, there's not much you can do.

"It's tough because it's so contagious. The people at greatest risk are people that have children in the family that are not potty trained, and you have to change their diaper. Very difficult," he said.

Wallace said don't always trust what you read on social media.