Tonight concerned parents will voice their concerns about the current district dress code. The group started with a Facebook group called Change for Jacksonville dress code.

"The dress code is outdated and limits a child's individuality," Parent Ken Smith says. "We want the district to care more about our children's education than the dress code.

One example of a dress code stipulation is all students must wear a solid color, collard polo shirt. If the shirt deviates in anyway the student is sent home or parent must bring the child home.

"One of the reasons I moved my child to another district is because of the dress code," Parent Crystal LeClere says. "We've had several times where she was written up, when she was in professional clothing."

The district has reached out to parents and asked for their input regarding the dress code.

LeClere says she and other parents believe the district is only collecting emails and discarding them.

To see the current dress code please click here.