TYLER - It's an old-fashioned pound cake with really high standards,

Janie Clapp, owner of Janie's Cakes says "The poundcake is the perfect cake for any occasion. It really is, it's hard to beat and people ask me all the time what's your favorite I still go back to the plain. You can add whatever you flavors you want or eat it just by itself.

I've been baking ever since I was three, I've always loved to bake. I started out making sculpted cakes and wedding cakes for my personal family, but it turned into kind of a business.

I realized I didn't have any weekends, weddings are always on the weekends. Much grandchildren came along,I wanted to see them more and so I thought we could do these work Monday through Friday and ship them all over the country.

It's coming up on 13 years of just making pancakes and shipping them all over the United States.

I've always been a real stickler for quality ingredients. We use butter and farm fresh eggs and all of our ingredients are top notch.

This year we were picked as one of Oprah's favorite things. That's been exciting and so we have been very busy this year.

The Internet is where we got the congratulations after we sent our cakes up there and it was pretty exciting. It was like congratulations we've chosen you and don't tell a soul for like a month.

We are local business and we appreciate all our local business, but we also want to be bigger than that so opera is great recognition for us to expand on the things that we already do and one of our taglines is that "we share a little kindness one cake at a time". Every time we get to send one out the door in any way shape or form that's continuing our brand and Janie's legacy.