Jarvis Christian College President, Dr. Lester Newman, is working with other HBCU leaders and President Trump, to create a plan of action for their schools.

Dr. Newman and more than 80 other h-b-c-u presidents attended the meeting with President Trump in February.

To be able to meet the President in the Oval Office has a certain distinction and privilege," Dr. Newman said. "President Trump gave his full support to HBCUs."

Dr. Newman tells us he asked for more Title three and Pell grants from the Department of Education to help fund Jarvis Christian College.

“More than 90 percent of students at Jarvis College are on pell grants,” Dr. Newman said. “It is important to help those who cannot afford college.”

Regardless of public opinion of President Trump, Dr. Newman says if you are not at the table you get nothing. He believes it was in the best interest of Jarvis Christian College for him to be at that meeting.

Dr. Newman expects the plan of action to be presented to President Trump in October. He says he has hopes that HBCUs will receive help.