NACOGDOCHES - The Grand Ballroom at Stephen F. Austin State University was filled with people anticipating the arrival of former Governor Jeb Bush. After his experience running to be the Republican Presidential nominee, plus having roots in East Texas, the Rusche College of Business chose Bush to be a perfect start to the series.

Bush is the first guest speaker at the university. The lecture series is designed to round up students and business leaders and talk about current issues.

"My interest in politics was to serve and I go to do that," Bush said. "I got to be Governor of a complex state. It was eight years of incredible learning and the chance to serve."

During the lecture, Bush gave his perspective on the 2016 Presidential election.

"It’s a crazy year,our political system is cracking up. It’s happened in the past," Bush said.

Bush said America is a resilient nation, along with the American people. He said the politics does not mirror the greatness of the country.

The former Governor said he was grateful to experience being a candidate. However, he couldn't say the same for the American people who are watching the election.

"I hope we can get back to more civility," Bush said.

He said he hopes politics in America will improve.