Pat Mahomes Sr. isn't the type of person who would get caught up in the glitz and glamour of professional sports. Besides, he's a former Major League Baseball Player. Mahomes is certainly not the type of father who forgets he's has more than one child.

His son, Jackson is a standout forward on the Whitehouse boys basketball team and he couldn't be more proud. He's raising a family of shining athletes and he's watched them reach their potential. While one is quietly tuned heads on the basketball courts, the other is about to experience the biggest moment of his life.

"It's great when you get to go out there and watch football, especially when you're son is out there doing his thing," Mahomes said.

The Kanasas City Chiefs secured a spot in the playoffs and Mahomes II will start in a game that really doesn't mean much. However, it doesn't mean he's not taking it serious. It's been nearly 40 years since the Chiefs won a game with a starting rookie quarter back. Mahomes II plans to change that.

There's always nerves that come with any sports debut. Mahomes Sr. recalled the time he gave up three home runs in the first inning, on his first game.

However, Patrick Sr. grew from the experience and has been able to pass on valuable lessons to his kids because of those bumps in the road.

"Players make plays," Mahomes Sr. said. "Go out there and play the game."

One can catch Mahomes II on December 31, Sunday, against the Denver Broncos on CBS 19.