Keep Longview Beautiful's new challenge "Trick Trash Challenge" is becoming a hit. Residents have been posting videos to Keep Longview Beautiful's Facebook page.

Longview is one of the best cities in Texas, but litter is becoming a problem. Keep Longview Beautiful has come up with a fun way to get the city involved in stopping litter bugs.

They have created the Trick Trash Challenge. "Video yourself picking up litter in a fun way," Executive Director Kim Droegen says. "Then you nominate someone to do the exact same thing."

In the past, the city has tried numerous campaigns to help combat littering and clean up the city. "Over 60 miles of Longview are adopted through the adopt a street program, but it hasn't helped our litter problem," Droege says.

So far the challenge has been a success with different people submitting videos.

If you would like to be apart of the challenge, post your video on Keep Longview Beautiful's Facebook page. You can help to keep our city clean.

We even made a video ourselves...