Kilgore ISD Superintendent Cara Cooke, says no incidents have been reported at Kilgore High School.

On Thursday, Cooke says students told other students that they better not come to school tomorrow. The rumor spread around the Kilgore community causing fear.

The District and Kilgore Police have spoken to all the students involved at their homes. Also, police have patrolled and monitored the school the entire day.

Regardless of amped up security on campus, one mother says her children are staying at home.

“A threat to the school district or to any of the campuses is an immediate threat to my child’s life,” Kilgore ISD Parent Liza Stanley said. “It's in their best interest to stay home with me.”

Stanley tells me she heard about the threat from Kilgore ISD’s Facebook page.

“We should have received a call out notification from the technology department that calls us when our child misses school or has an absence but we didn’t receive that in the situation,” Stanley said. “I found out about this only because I happen to come across it on Facebook. “

Superintendent Cooke says she understands parent concerns. The district released the information as soon as it was gathered.

“Without further information about where that threat was coming from and what they did to neutralize that threat, I still do not know if I am going to feel safe to send my kids to school on Monday,” Stanley said.

When we have more information on this situation, we will update you.