Not everyone has what it takes to join the military. It's people like Lamin Fatajo who are willing to serve their country. Fatajo joined the National Guard soon after "9/11". He's prepared for his third deployment overseas. It's around this time, he'd rather stay home with his wife and two children. When it comes to the deployment, it's a calling people in the military answer.

"My daughter used to spending Christmas with me," Fatajo said. When asked if he'd be returning this year for the holidays, he had be up-front with her. "That's the reality of it."

Before Fatajo and his platoon departed, the Kilgore community hosted a deployment send-off part them. For some soldiers, it is their last family dinner for a while. While many would call them heroes, because they're fighting for the country, to Fatajo the true heroes are the loved ones who are left behind during this time.

"They're the ones who hold everything down here while we're gone,' Fatajo said.

As they embark on their journey. It's the love from their family and communities that motivates them to expect the day of their return back to the states.