With Tropical Storm Cindy expected to bring heavy rain to parts of East Texas, flooding is a concern for many.

In Kilgore, one neighborhood is monitoring conditions especially close after flooding damaged dozens of homes there in March 2016.

"We got out just in time," Carol Tate said of the day water rushed into her family's home.

Mrs. Tate and her husband, David have lived across from Turkey Creek for more than 40 years.

In that time, flood water has entered their home three times -- the most significant damage came last year.

"We know this bad weather is coming," said Mrs. Tate. "That's what's got us worried."

She said many of her neighbors also become concerned when heavy rain is expected, as their neighborhood is known for street flooding.

Should rain from Tropical Storm Cindy once again force the creek out of its banks, Tate said her family is prepared to protect themselves and their property.

"All the important papers come up, cars go; you have to have some sort of plan," she said.

With the possibility of street flooding, Kilgore police urged drivers to keep an eye on weather conditions and avoid driving or walking through high water.