Kilgore is saying enough is enough when it comes to human and sex trafficking.

Rahab's retreat and ranch in Kilgore has been open for less than a year, but they've already provided a lifetime's worth of assistance for victims of exploitation...

Heather Laramore teaches at Rahab's Retreat and Ranch.

After being stuck in her own situation and receiving help she teaches to reach others struggling as she did.

“Anytime you are doing something that you feel that you are trapped in, that you don't want to be doing, it's some sort of human trafficking." Laramore said.

The facility provides everything the women and children need from continuing education to therapy helping them work through they’re experiences.

It's something the community of Kilgore and East Texas are taking a stand against by donating money and items in support of this facility.

Before it first opened, people went in and signed their names on walls in different rooms, marking them as the rooms they were going to donate furniture for.

Laramore says the goal is to stop all forms of human trafficking.

"We just want to be a part of stopping human trafficking anyway that we can in this community." She said.

Rahab's founder and others even go to schools and to events to educate on preventative measures and signs to watch for.

They believe many become trapped because of childhood experiences or searching for something that is missing.

"there are predators out there and they are looking to fill that void for you. Not for the purpose of filling what you need to have love, to have affection, and truth, and confidence, and security, but instead it's the complete opposite." Laramore said.