The City of Kilgore is closing out their 2017 Main Street Event Series with several activities to get people in the patriotic spirit.

I spoke to several business owners who tell me the events have brought tourists to Kilgore. This has increased business and brought hopes of more businesses coming to the city.

"I hope we can attract more people to see Kilgore's charm." Downtown D'lites owner Debbie VanDoren said. "We have been here for the past five years and seen how special this place is for Texas."

City Manager Josh Selleck says volunteers have really worked hard to pursue most patriotic city in Texas. He wanted to stress how Kilgore represents strong American values.

"Yes a boost in tourism is great, but many of the business owners I talked to want to celebrate America." Kilgore City Manager Josh Selleck said. "We want to bring that small town spirit to everyone in the city."

The fun starts tomorrow morning at ten with the patriotic parade down Main Street.

At two there is a scavenger hunt through downtown and later that night at seven, there will be live music.

You are encouraged to dress up as your favorite President.