A Tyler man who is now a fire fighter in La Marque is called a hero. This was after he and fire crews rescued a puppy stuck in a storm drain. Fire Marshal William Reed said a girl took her pet dog out for a walk and that when it landed in a storm drain.

Reed said it was trapped in a 12 foot deep confined space and it took almost three hours to get the dog out. The Fire Marshal said he was anxious because it was 30 degrees outside and it [the dog] could have froze to death. Crews eventually 'fished' him out of the drain; they attached a crab net to a rod.

"That's somebody's child," Reed said. "Being a kid one, I know how it would felt if I lost something that way. It made us feel good. All the guys."

It moments such as rescuing a girls pet is what makes him proud to be a fire fighter. While saving a puppy trapped in a storm drain may not be a big deal, to some. Still, Reed said it is about answering the call, even for the little things. It could have a positive impact.

As for the puppy, its expected to be okay.