Driving down Eastside Road just off Lake Tyler, it's impossible to miss a warning sign. A billboard-sized sign states, "Buyer beware…think before you buy." One neighbor put it up about a month ago, after telling CBS19 he’s tired of looking at junk vehicles in the yard next to him.

"I don't want to live by a salvage yard,” said Kelly Plunkett.

It was built to be the house of Plunkett’s wife’s dreams. She grew up around Lake Tyler, so he gave her the home as a gift.

The best part is seeing his wife smile every day, but he said those smiles have recently faded. Full of emotion, he said he's tired of seeing her frustrated because of what's next door.

"Two 53-foot trailers that are not road-worthy. They're not registered. They hit you in the face every time you walk out the front door,” Plunkett said.

Able to see them from his front door, he said the trailers haven't moved in months.

According to the City of Tyler, there's no ordinance regarding junk vehicles for those outside of the city limits, which means those living on Lake Tyler are out of luck.

"It's about the public knowing. You come out here,” Plunkett said. “You think you can build whatever you want. Your dream home, and your neighbor can't trash it, you're wrong."

Kevin Hukill with the Tyler water production department said he understands the family's frustration.

"I've been by the lot. I know what's there, but there are no ordinances in place, and there's nothing the city can do to correct this issue at this time,” Hukill said.

CBS19 asked Hukill why there were no ordinances protecting home owners and their property values.

He said families often want to move away from restrictions, like city ordinances.

"They want to be able to store personal belongings, whether it be trailers or old cars,” he said.

There’s also a funding issue. Hukill said residents on Lake Tyler do not pay city property taxes.

Not the news this homeowner wanted to hear, so for now the sign will stay put.

"It'll leave when that junk next door leaves,” Plunkett said.

Hukill said he hasn't received any complaints from other families living on Lake Tyler.

If you live out there and have similar complaints, Hukill said to send a letter to both water production and the mayor. From there, the city will determine if action should be taken.