Students at LaPoynor ISD are upset about a Christian flag being removed from their school. This comes after the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a formal complaint in October, asking the district to take it down.

The group fights for separation of church and state and said the flag was non-inclusive.

"We were all devastated and ticked off about it," said Jared Sanchez, a student at LaPoynor High School.

He is one of several students who flies a Christian flag on their vehicles.

"It's not going anywhere," he said. "That's how we grew up. That's what we believe in. It means a lot to us. It gives us faith. Hope."

For now, a Gadsden flag with the words "don't tread on me" flies in it's place.

LISD Superintendent James Young said a group of students will decide what flag will fly in place of the Christian one. CBS19 asked who the students were, or how they were selected, but he could not answer that.

Young said the district is having an LISD flag made, and students will decide if it will fly.