Lindale AT&T customers are frustrated with service issues, prolonging for nearly one year. Just last week, the company confirmed service was out for five days. 


It all started after an April 2016 tornado. Two of the city's three towers were damaged - one completely destroyed. Since then, customers said they've had minimal service - oftentimes one bar. 


"This is more than just an inconvenience," customer Derek Harris said, who claims cell service hasn't been the same since the tornado. 


"If you went five days without any kind of cell phone service, you couldn't make a phone call, you couldn't send a text message," he said. "If you're at home and you want to get a hold of your kids, you don't have that option."


Even after AT&T allegedly fixed the outage, customers said service resumed as it was before - minimal.


Last week, Harris created a Facebook page for frustrated AT&T customers in the area - and it's grown to more than 200 members. 


Looking at comments in the group, Jamie wrote, "I had a medical problem that warranted calling my psychiatrist's nurse. I couldn't call them so my friend did."


Another comment from Wendy read, "I was told to use WiFi calling and now I've gone over my WIFI limit and have a huge bill there."


Kimberly Ellgass is a member in the Facebook group who said the towers should have been fixed nearly a year ago.


This recent five-day outage, she said, proved that.


"There was no other tower for any of us to ping off of," Ellgass said. "That's why we all went from having one - maybe two bars if we're lucky - to having no bars."


AT&T said Lindale customers can get a $25 credit per line if they have been impacted by the service issues. All they have to do is walk in the store, and talk to a customer service representative. 


The company was also working to resolve the issue Tuesday afternoon. AT&T said if a customer is having any issues, contact a local store.