A Lindale parent is thankful after a security breach at her son's elementary school is being addressed. A student at College Street Elementary escaped through a gap in the fence during recess Thursday. 

"I just thought, oh my god, that kids going to run towards the highway, and get run over," parent Kelly Rogers said.

She was bringing her son back to College Street Elementary from lunch when she said she saw it all.

"I noticed a child running across the road, across the church parking lot and kept running, and then I saw staff running after the child," Rogers said. 

Rogers complained in an email on February 14. One week later, she said she followed up with district administrators, continuing to voice her concerns over the gaps in the fence. 

Weeks later, she didn't think Lindale ISD would take any action.

"Well, they hadn't in a month," she said. 

Lindale ISD spokesperson Lauren Loyless sent CBS19 this statement Monday. 

"Lindale ISD takes the safety of our students very seriously. We are fast approaching a solution and we will take the immediate steps to correct the situation."

Just hours later, workers in the district assembled a new fence - repairing the spot where the student escaped last week and another hole, big enough for kids to crawl through. 

Deputy Superintendent Jamie Holder assures parents everything is under control.