A Lindale father has collected hundreds of signatures in a petition to change Lindale's ISD dress code.

"I don't really feel that his long hair affects anybody. It's not a distraction in learning in my opinion, because girls in his class have long hair. Some of the girls have short hair," Jimmy Avant said.

He is the father of 4-year-old Maddox, who has never cut his hair.

LISD Superintendent Stan Surratt issued a statement:

"Lindale ISD is proud of the great culture that has been established on the LISD campuses. Many regard Lindale ISD as one of the best school systems in East Texas. ​Having a strong student code of conduct and dress code is vital to maintain the great culture of the Lindale ISD schools."

The dress code has not changed since the early 1990's, which is one reason Avant wants to change it.

In a closed door meeting after the LISD board meeting on Sept. 11, changing the dress code was discussed. However, no changes were made.

Avant said he has a good relationship with LISD and does not want to compromise it. Maddox will be suspended if his hair is not cut, but his parents hope change is made before that must happen.

"No matter what he does in life, his choices are his choices. I'll support him fully as long as it doesn't hurt him or anybody else. I mean, everybody is entitled to how they feel and how they express themselves," Avant said.