A group of 14 family members, seven adults and seven children have made their way to Lindale.

The family, evacuating from the aftermath of Harvey, is looking to make the community of Lindale their permanent home.

The Lindale community has rallied around the family from Orange, Texas, helping them find jobs, a home and even enrolling the children in school.

This is the third time they have lost everything to flooding and one mom said she keeps going for her children.

Courtney Gordon saw all the devastation on Facebook. Later, she contacted all the Lindale hotels and gave them her name and phone number. Two hours later, she got the call that there were 14 evacuees and they were homeless.

From there she credits social media. When people knew about this family, every need was met. They found a temporary home for some of them, one family member was immediately given a job and 6 of the children were enrolled at Lindale ISD.

The children started school right after Labor day. One principal spoke of how 5-year-olds embraced one of the new students and went out of their way to help her.

Another said the child at his school is an inspiration to all the teachers and students around him with his positive outlook and good attitude.

Many have said this community, this camaraderie is what Lindale is.