In a budget proposal from the City of Tyler, park maintenance fees will increase, leaving intramural sport groups uncertain about their future.

If approved, Rose Capital West Little League would increase all fees 100 percent, including registration. It costs $110 per player, per season. This would go up to $220 for the same thing if the city budget is approved.

"Some kids are playing two sports in the same season, and if you increase park fees to that extent, they're going to have to pick one or the other, so somebody is going to suffer," said Lee Mason, a coach and the vice president of the league.

The proposed 2018 city budget increases fees to $2,000 per baseball field, per season. Right now, the league pays $840.

Taxpayers pay 90 percent of park maintenance fees. Sport group pays the rest.

Tyler Mayor Martin Heines said he is looking for a fair split, and has been open to suggestions.

The decision will be announced Sept. 13.