Only a few brides-to-be in Tyler were left without the dresses they ordered when dressmaker Alfred Angelo declared bankruptcy earlier this week, says Brides & Belles owner JoAnn Owers. Brides & Belles is the only Tyler bridal shop that carries the brand.

“We had five girls with orders in to Alfred Angelo, and I contacted them and was able to get them into other dresses pretty quickly,” she said. “I think of all of my brides as my girls, and it was a big relief to have them taken care of in time.”

Alfred Angelo is a national chain that unexpectedly closed 60 stores last week. It also stopped shipping custom-ordered dresses to its more than 1,400 wholesalers worldwide.

In Indianapolis one Alfred Angelo location left a note on its doors to customers.

“We are devastated and loved working with you all. It was our pleasure to be a part of your lives and your weddings. We are so sorry. We knew NOTHING.”

The note also told customers that they would be in contact as soon as they could about their orders.

In Tyler, Ms. Owers said she also received no notice.

“I’ve been in the bridal business for 31 years, and I’ve seen manufacturers go out of business before,” she said. “But I’ve never seen it happen without warning and without any plan in place to help people get their orders. It’s very disturbing.”

She said she received an email on Wednesday, informing retailers that the company has appointed someone to handle complaints from retailers.

“It’s one person,” Ms. Owers observed. “And nationwide, I know there are a lot of women who are very unhappy.”

But some women are offering their own wedding dresses to brides who have left at the altar without the dresses they ordered.

According to USA Today, “On Instagram and Twitter, women across the country have been using the hashtag #AlfredAngelo to offer a solution to distraught brides: Wear my dress.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.