Brick Street Village has been around for years. It's located in Tyler's Azalea District with homes, businesses, and retailers.

Over the years business has been on the decline for many of the shops, Carriage House Gallery shut it's doors Saturday, February 3rd.

The antique store had been there for nine years. Owner Dorothy (D.J.) Ferguson says traffic has tapered off. It mainly started in Spring, but the last holiday season was particularly rough.

"We hope to do - Golly! - a fourth of our business from Thanksgiving to Christmas and we didn't do anything." Ferguson said, also mentioning a restaurant/bakery that closed it's doors in January.

Coby Archa of Coby Archa Salon and Rhonda Reuter of Crafts & Quilting Etc. are two business owners that have been working together to bring more people to Brick Street Village.

They mentioned the scavenger hunt that happened last year, people would go shop to shop looking for certain items in each place.

Reuter also spoke about a 'Little Public Library' next to her store.

"We have a couple of apartment complexes and that's where we got the idea to have a book nook so some of these residents could come and pick children's books and encourage reading in the area." Reuter said.

It was also a way to get people to take a book and take a look around.

The shopping village has all kinds of businesses; dentists, cleaners, physicians, retailers, and the only thing missing is a restaurant.

Here are some of the businesses in Brick Street Village:

  • Crafts & Quilting Etc.
  • Coby Archa's Salon
  • Texture: Fabric & Design
  • Reflections Wig Salon & Boutique
  • James French Photography
  • La Tee Da
  • Brick Street Pharmacy