It was an incredible milestone for local resident Jewel Stallings on Thursday, as she celebrated her 105th birthday.

She was surrounded by family and friends at the Prestige Estates Assisted Living Center in Tyler, with more grandchildren and great grandchildren than she could count.

"They come and say, grandmother...and I say, whose your dad?" Stallings said. "When they tell me who they belong to, I know where to put them."

When asked about her secret to living long, she said she owes it all to God.

"The only advice I have is the Lord and he's with me."

But Stallings doesn't give too much thought to her age.

"It doesn't make any difference how old you are. It's just a number."

She was born in Chandler in 1912 and grew up during the Great Depression. Her parents were farmers, raising crops and cotton.

Despite having three brothers, Stallings said oftentimes everyone would pitch in, including the girls.

"One day a man came and said we need some wood for the school but we don't know who to get it," Stallings said. "My mother said me and the girls will get the wood."

She shared memories from her time at school too and said her teacher taught her class to say the alphabet backwards.

"Some children said oh we can't do that. That's too hard. I said I think I can."

But, Stallings could and she proudly showed the room on Thursday.