The Mobberly Church accomplished their goal of prepping 130 thousand ready-to-cook meals, in less than four hours. In collaboration with Numana, a hunger relief organization, volunteers were able to box 700 meals; all of which, will be delivered to East Texas families.

In a small bag, a meal consists of: beans, rice, a small amount of soy and a dried vegetable blend. The Mobberly church said it can be cooked as is or used to make a variation of meals. One bag alone is supposed to feed a family of six. 130 thousand meal bags can provide for 780 thousand families. The Jerusalem project, was inspired by a similar effort back in 2015 called the 'Malawi project'.

Volunteers prepared and fed thousands of families in Southeast Africa. Eric Perkins is part of the serve ministry in Mobberly and he's been traveled to a variety of countries with purposes to serve. To Perkins, Project Jerusalem is special because it's an effort to feed a neighbor in East Texas.

"There are needs around us and we that have been blessed by God need to give back in the same way he's given to us," Perkkins said. "This is one way we'll be able to do that."

1,200 volunteers signed up for the event, something children and their families could participate in. Michael Moran was there with his wife and son. He described the Jerusalem Project as a 'blessing'.

"The smile that it brings to their [families] brings to their face and they're very appreciative of that," Moran said.

700 boxes will be sent to local food pantries, other ministries and schools. The Mobbery Church says more than a 120 boxes of ready-to-cook meals will be sent to the Longview, Gilmer and Marshall Independent School Districts.