LONGVIEW - In 2016 alone, three banks have been robbed in Longview. Two of those incidents happened at the same financial institution. Those who live here say whoever is committed these crimes are bold.

Footage from the recent robbery showcased the suspect, who is wearing a yellow hard hat. He approached a bank teller's desk, making it seem like he's another customer. Moments later he walked away with his brief case.

In another angle of the footage, the suspect appeared to pass a note to the teller. After it was read, the employee started to fill the brief case with an undisclosed amount of money. Investigators believed the unknown suspect didn't have a weapon on him and they assume he escaped driving this car.

Police said the FBI is involved every time there is a bank robbery and the consequences can lead up to 'federal time'.

The other two robberies happened at the LeTourneu credit union. Residents like Benard Morning believe it's making the city look bad,because of it's crime rate.

"I really don't like it, I real sad," Morning said. "It ain't makin' the world no better."

Police are still asking for help in finding any of the three suspects they are searching for.