Ghosts, goblins, princesses, and superheroes will be roaming the streets trick or treating for candy.

Kool Smiles Dentistry in Longview is offering a tempting and patriotic plan for those sweet treats.

"For every 25 pieces of candy they bring in we will give them an age appropriate toy, and then we will mail that to the troops," Kool Smiles Dental Hygienist Arlene Wilson says.

The candy will travel all the way from Longview, to both Afghanistan and Iraq. "We also send the troops toothbrushes so they can brush their teeth after they indulge in their unexpected treats," Wilson says.

This trade in has been very successful throughout the years. "Last year alone we collected three tons of candy and we hope to double that this year," Wilson tells us.

Candy might taste good but dentists say the sugar creates a breeding ground for harmful bacteria in the mouth.

"Even if they're baby teeth a lot of people think because their baby teeth that it doesn't matter, but it really does because those baby teeth are holding in spots for those permanent teeth to come in," Wilson says.

Beyond cavities dentists say it can also cause problems for kids who have had work done. There's a debate whether sugar free candy is the way to go.

"Sugar free candy is definitely better than the sugar candy but it also can cause problems because it can still be sticky and pull off the crowns," Wilson says.

Kool Smiles will be collecting candy until November 5th. They encourage anyone who wants to donate candy to drop it off, you do not have to be a patient.