A pup in Longview named Robin Hood nearly died after being shot with an arrow. He found his forever home in Tyler on Saturday.

"We both read the story, watched the video, and were like, 'Wow. If there's any way we can adopt this dog, it would be awesome'," said Andrew Reilly, the new owner of the dog.

After he and his girlfriend saw the story on CBS19, they knew they had to have him.

On Oct. 17, Longview animal control officers found the dog with wounds, and an arrow sticking out of him. He was rushed to the emergency room.

Longview police are still looking for whoever harmed the stray.

Despite his hardship, Reilly said he's healthy and happy, and he wouldn't have Robin Hood any other way.

"Thousands and thousands of Robin Hood's across the country that need a great home, and I'm really glad I get to adopt one of them," he said.