It began with a Facebook Live video on Tuesday.

Kimberly Sherman saw the video by Pastor Tim Dixon of the Triumphant Church calling on everyone to send cards, posters, and gift cards for him to take to the people of Sutherland Springs.

She then showed the video to her uncle, Reverend Alvin Brown. Together they reached out to the entire Longview community for help.

They received overwhelming support from area schools, the Longview Child Development Center, churches, and other places.

Thursday, both Kimberly and Reverend Brown drove place to place, picking up the items being sent.

They were only expected to collect about 100 cards. Now, they have over 200, and more will be arriving on Friday before they leave.

On Friday, a small group will be loading everything up at the Longview Child Development Center. There will be a quick send off around 9 a.m. and then they will head out to join other groups at the Triumphant Church.

November 11 will see them head off to Sutherland Springs to hand-deliver the items to the people.

"This is about love, about community involvement, about what we need to do as Christians." Reverend Brown said.