LONGVIEW - How does one properly put out a fire? That is one of the skills the fire department wants to educate residents in. Hopefully, the lessons will be applied in case something happens. For Tom Fierros, he says volunteering was his calling.

"I've been looking for an avenue to helping the community," Fierros said. "More of a whole community type thing."

His desire to give back to the city has led him to be part of a local emergency response team. After a series of training sessions, he'll be one of the people the fire department will call on when a situation is too much for first responders.

"I've always had a high appreciation for our first responders," Fierros said. "It seems like they're [first responders] the ones putting their lives on the line."

Lessons are taught in the classroom, then there is a 'hands on' exercise afterwards. According to Carolyn Morton the program coordinator, having a community response team gives people an advantage of how to avoid being victims of a natural disaster.

"It's very important being able to take care of yourself and your family," Morton said.

Students learned how to properly extinguish a fire. They found out, it is about team work when ever, where ever. Volunteers are always training for different scenarios.

"I believe that more people involved in their community the better community is overall," Fierros said.

When the time comes, Fierros will be there to lend a hand.