The Longview Food Drive held their annual Thanksgiving event at Maude Cobb Convention Center. This has helped families across East Texas have a great Thanksgiving. They provide potatoes, macaroni, corn bread, turkey, and other traditional foods.

"I would not have a Thanksgiving if it was not for these people," Recipient Willie Reese says. "I thank God that I can cook Thanksgiving dinner for my grandchildren."

Reese's grandchildren came with her to the drive and said they have many things to be thankful. "I am excited to see my family and friends this Thanksgiving," Grandson Frederick Duffie says.

More than a thousand grocery packs were available. Any food leftover is sent to local charities in East Texas. Volunteers organized the packs on Monday and helped distribute them.

Nine year old Caleb Purifly has worked the food drive for two years. "It's great to help people who can't afford groceries," Purifly says. "It really makes me happy."

As people left, they shared their gratitude to all the volunteers.

"Thank you for all you have done to make me and my family have a great Thanksgiving," Reese says.