Last year the FBI listed Longview as one of the most dangerous small cities in the country. This year, Longview Police tell us extra patrols and working with the community have helped get the city back on track.

Out of the four homicides, only one is without an arrest.

That case happened on February 15th when police say Ricky Nelson Miles, Jr., 33, died in the hospital after being shot.

Currently there are no suspects in custody but police say they are still investigating.

Here's an update on the three suspects who have been arrested.

Longview's first homicide this year was on February 4th at J's place on East Marshall Ave. Thomas Lynn Harper, 34, was found dead near a dumpster.

Police arrested Kyron Delyn, 38, who is currently awaiting trial on July 7th.

The second homicide was one day later, when police found the body of Donald Ray Kenney,34, next to the railroad tracks on West Loop 281.

The next day Longview Police arrested 25 year old Montario Dewayne Harris. He is currently in jail awaiting a hearing on July 5th.

The third homicide was on February 12th at the Tree House Apartments on Avalon Avenue. Police were conducting a welfare check and found the body of 57 year old Ivory Wilson.

Longview Police say an arrest has been made but it is in a different county.