The Longview Housing Authority is finding homes for voucher program families. Officials say this year they have seen an decrease in wait times for family homes.

In order to qualify for the voucher program, officials ook at family income, size and criminal history.

The Longview Housing Authority serves Gregg, Panola, and Rusk counties.

Housing manager Cheteva Marshall tells us they have 1,202 vouchers for the entire area. The wait list is always growing, but at this time they have closed the list.

They expect to open the list in late 2018, once the current wait list is filled.

This year they have helped 176 people find homes, compared to last year's total of 114.

For more information on the program or questions on housing please click here.

The City of Tyler’s Housing Agency has 1006 vouchers. 35 vouchers are used for veterans. Their waiting list has been closed since 2014.