Longview ISD trustees have decided to purchase almost 5 acres of land for 1.5 million dollars. Trustees voted Monday night on this decision and say this will help the future growth of the district.

Many residents support the district’s decision to purchase 4.8 acres of land next to Longview High School. The land is vacant and assistant Superintendent Lynn Marshall says the land will help the growth of the district.

Residents say they are glad the district is thinking toward the future and have similar ideas for how the land should be used.

“I think they should use it for special needs or children with learning disabilities,” Longview resident Graham Shuttlesworth said. “They could build a building just for those kids.”

Longview parent, Ashley Andrews says she hopes this property will not be used for athletics. “The athletic club and all the different types of athletics is well spent and it is well funded,” Andrews said. “We can use the space for other resources.”

District officials tell me they have not decided on what this land will be used for but they say this is an investment for the future.