A Longview man is in custody after allegedly stealing an ambulance used to take him to a local hospital.

According to Longview authorities, officers encountered Shaklee while responding to a trespassing call Wednesday morning.

Officer Shane McCarter said that Shaklee agreed to be taken to the hospital after officer receommended medical treatment.

That's when he says, Shaklee attempted to escape.

“He exits the ambulance, runs into the woods. But officers and paramedics locate him,” McCarter said.

After reaching the hospital, McCarter said that Shaklee refused medical treatment.

“Once he left the hospital, he chose to get into the paramedics ambulance,” McCarter said.

After noticing the missing ambulance, McCarter said that authorities began to search for the missing vehicle and eventually found it at the corner of Methvin and High Street.

“The suspect was taken back into custody at the point,” McCarter said.

Daniel Shaklee has been charged with theft of property worth more than $300,000 and is at the Gregg County Jail.