J-S.T.A.R. Ministries in Longview will be delivering a message of love to the victims of the Sutherland Springs church shooting.

Coordinator Patrick Johnson said he will be traveling to the area on Sunday to deliver letters of encouragement and other supplies.

"Hey, we love you, we support you and we're praying for you," said Johnson.

Johnson said sometimes sending good thoughts just isn't enough.

"When a tragedy happens, the first thing we say is 'well I’ll be praying for you,' well people need more than prayer,” said Johnson. “Let's be real about it. People need more than prayer."

That's why Johnson said he is taking donations for the victims.

"I'm going to visit the hospital, I have gift cards from Chick-Fil-A and have some other things that local restaurants are donating tomorrow and later on this afternoon," said Johnson.

He said many families need financial support and gift cards to purchase meals.

"We have families that are still there at the hospital spending hours and hours visiting their loved ones and staying there with them," said Johnson.

Aside from gift cards, Johnson is also collecting stuffed animals for the little ones.

"In times like these, they lose a loved one or have been harmed in such a way, they need something to hold on to and so that's the reason for the stuffed animals," said Johnson.

Johnson says he will transport any donations given to him. You can make donations in person to the Longview Dream Center or contact Patrick Johnson on his Facebook page. You can also call him at 903-424-4757.