Longview Police are also hosting two classes to educate parents on how to make it safer for kid's online and warning signs of online predators. To learn more about the classes please click here.

"It's going to teach them the thought process of these online predators and the things they are saying to these children to get them to lower their inhibitions," Longview Police Detective Audrey Wright says.

Today, Facebook has released a new app called Messenger Kids. It is the first app Facebook has designed specifically for kids.

A company director says Facebook consulted with several groups including parents, experts in child development and media while creating the app.

Once you download the app to your child's iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, parents will authenticate it with their Facebook account. Then you can add their name and approve their contacts.

This is for kids younger than 13. Once you reach that age, you can create your own account, which can present a challenge for some parents.