Longview Police surprised four year old Mason Williams for his birthday. Williams tells us he wants to be a police officer when he grows up.

The officers showed up to his birthday party with a swat vehicle and their squad cars. Giving Mason and his friends a tour of the vehicles.

Mason's parents wanted to give him a surprise party for being so strong during his little sister's difficult time. His sister Ellie had complications after birth.

"Ellie had to be airlifted to Dallas Children's Hospital and we spent the next two months with her." Mason's mother Katy Williams said. "It was a very difficult time for Mason, because he wanted to see his little sister."

Katy called an old high classmate who happens to be a Longview Police officer. She asked if he could bring a squad car to his birthday, her friend told her he would take care of it.

"We were getting the party ready when all of sudden we see a swat vehicle and squad cars outside." Katy said. "Both me and my husband couldn't believe it and Mason was very excited."

The Williams family would like to thank the Longview Police for the surprise and the hard work they do for the community.