After 18 years of serving as the Longview Public Library Director, Kara Spitz, has decided to retire. The new interim director Jennifer Eldridge is excited to be taking to reins.

'Kara did an excellent job being director for the library," Eldridge says. "She left a great legacy that I hope to continue."

Eldridge will gain the official director title in 2017, after she goes through a preliminary period. She tells us Spitz has been training her this year on the duties of being the director.

Prior to becoming Interim Director, Eldridge was the youth coordinator for the library. She specialized in the Children's section. With this change, comes high expectations for Eldridge.

"We really strive to get some of the grants that we have currently and work harder at more sponsorships here at the library," Eldridge says. "We want to provide more free activities and free services.

Still even with those goals, she has another vision.

"One thing i would really like to incorporate here at the library, is that feel you get at Barnes and Noble or Books a Million," Eldridge says. "Where you can sit down with your cup of coffee and have that moment of zen."

Dottye Farmer has spent the past 27 years as an assistant librarian, she supports Eldridge.

"She's very knowledgeable with children and i'm sure she will do well taking the position," Farmer says.

The Longview Public Library has many events coming up including their yearly Halloween Haunted House. The event is from October 21-22 from 6 PM-9 PM. Admission is free and Eldridge recommends a teenage audience.