The 2018 Winter hasn't been the easiest to deal with. For those who don't have a roof over their heads or something warm to wear, dealing with the cold weather is tough.

Chris Barrow understands what it means to face the winter. The two stay at the Highway 80 Rescue Mission in Longview. Barrow said he's slept in the cold.

"I can promise you cause I've been there," Barrow said.

The latest round of cold weather has forced people to find nearby shelter. Highway 80's men and family shelter's have filled past their regular amount, which is 197. More than a dozen people had to sleep on mats instead of a bed. The ministry said it has been extremely crowded.

CBS 19's Chief Meteorologist, Joel Barnes, said temperatures are expected to be below freezing during the night. He said it should warm up a little bit by the end of the weekend.

Highway 80 and the House of Hope are in need of: pillows, blankets and canned goods. The House of Hope said the food doesn't last long there and could use donations. The lack of food is a problem that's felt by other agencies.

The Salvation Army in Longview and Tyler said its food pantries need to be replenished. Plus, the Tyler location is need of towels and adult winter clothes. While a couple of canned goods, blankets and pillows may not seem much; Chris Barrow said it goes a long way.

"I've noticed a difference in my overall spirit, being lifted up just having a pillow,"