Patsy Owens has owned her Longview home for nearly 30 years but it has been a struggle to maintain the quality of her roof.

It's been rundown for about 20 years. She was surprised to see workers pull up to her house to fix it for free.

"I prayed so long for this and I never thought I'd get actual help," Owens said. "I had a lot of people tell me they would help but it never happened."

It was Kenny James, a code compliance worker, who came across her home and told Longview Police officer Chip Keoke about her living conditions.

Keoke said her house could use some attention because "she doesn't really have the means to fix the problems." Keoke reached out to his friend who works at AVCO roofing company to see if they could help.

Jacoob Zimmerman, Keoke's friend, jumped at the chance to lend a helping hand.

"This is a way to reach out to our community and touch somebody that's in need," Zimmerman said.

For Owens, the repaired roof is a early Christmas gift and the kindness of strangers has left her at a loss for words.