LONGVIEW - Christmas lights and music? It must be the Holiday season. Carmela Davis enjoyed the fruits of her labor after setting up millions of lights during the summer. East Texans will get the chance to enjoy the holiday light show.

"This year we've pretty much doubled it," Davis said. "We have over 2 million lights, we have over 350 deer."

Plus, there is nearly a mile long route of lights everywhere visitors turn. Davis said she's passionate to bring her miniature 'Santa land' Christmas to East Texans. She's been conducting the holiday light show for more than 10 years. During her last semester in college, it was Christmas that inspired her.

"So many people don't decorate for Christmas and this is a way they can get into the spirit," Davis said,

The Holiday light show is free. Davis said visitors will feel the joy, sense of family and the love. Her mini-Santa land ends January 10, 2017.