While multiple city emergency management services have outdoor warning systems in place to notify people as tornadoes near, the City of Lufkin is looking at a different way to keep people safe and informed.

"Recovering from Hurricane Ike, we were trying to figure out what we needed to do moving forward as far as letting citizens know when there was some kind of an issue going on," said Jason Arnold, Lufkin Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator.

Emergency management for the city said they looked into traditional outdoor sirens, but opted for an online system in instead, because they said works well for their area.

"When it was all said and done, studies showed that we were going to need so many sirens, it was going to take so much to get in touch with people that Alert Lufkin, again everbridge.com at the time, was going to reach a lot more people."

Alert Lufkin allows people to sign up for emergency alerts via text message, phone call or through email.

"One of the best things about AlertLufkin.com is that you can go on there and customize it to what's going to suit your personal needs."

It also sends notifications about emergencies based on a person's location.
It's the system that the city now uses for all types of severe weather and safety concerns.

For more information about Alert Lufkin, visit the city's website.